... Independent Fantasy Football Miniature Manufacturers

Rolljordan-Miniatures   Greebo-Miniatures
Famous for their first team, the great "Horned Frogs". One of the few manufacturers asking for input of the Blood Bowl community and also using this input for producing better miniatures!
Goblin Forge   Goblinforge- Miniatures
This french company got some very nice Fantasy Football miniatures.
I guess, the femal ogre "Micheline Tenderness" is very well known. :-)
Impact! Miniatures   Impact! Miniatures
If someone like to have a limited Edition miniatur sculpted for a tournament, Impact! is the place to ask for. This company also sells miniatures from quite a lot of other companies and other useful stuff for Fantasy Football.
Heresy-Miniatures   Heresy Multi-Part-Miniatures
A good independent miniatures and modelling tools site. Also a good source for fresh "greenstuff" and alternative Fantasy Football miniatures. (a very good, friendly and fast delivery service !)
Neomics-Miniatures   Neomics-Miniatures
A german miniatures manufacturer who produced amongst others (imo) one of the the best Orc- and Goblin-teams.
Gaspez-Arts-Miniatures   Gaspez-Arts-Miniatures
This company got some nice miniatures at the Fantasy Football section.
Shadowforge-Miniatures   Shadowforge-Miniatures
Another great Fantasy Footbowl miniatures company from Australia, which fills a gap in the market that has been generally ignored until recently, namely the production of female figurines. So, if you looking for a female team, thats the place ... !
Shadowforge-Miniatures   Willy-Miniatures
A small spanish Blood Bowl miniatures company with some very nice sculpted minis.
Shadowforge-Miniatures   Greendog Miniatures
Another small spanish Blood Bowl miniatures company with some nice sculpted minis.
Shadowforge-Miniatures   Meiko Miniatures
Some very nice teams, including a great Nurgle and a Indiegogo founded Lizard team. Connected to the Comixininoses online-store.(see below)

... other Miniature Manufacturers and Online-Stores

Hasslefree-Miniatures   Hasslefree-Miniatures
Not much Fantasy Football miniatures, but other great miniatures and a lot of items for converting miniatures.
Comixininos   Comixininos
A Spanish online-store selling Fantasy Football miniatures of different manufacturers, dice and other useful items for the game.
Tritex Games   Tritex-Games
This British online-store sell Fantasy Football minitures of different manufacturers, but also Blood Bowl miniatures from old editions, which are sometimes hard to find.
Battlefield Berlin   Battlefield Berlin
A good German online-store. Selling also miniatures of different Fantasy Football miniatures manufacturers, but also a lot of other game-systems, miniatures and paints.