Dice NAF

The NAF block dice came with a NAF membership. Every year they came with a (at first top secret) new color until 2012. Quite a lot of coachs are collecting now those NAF dice. Because some of the older dice are quite expensive to buy now, it was worth to pay for a NAF membership just to get the block dice… 😉

2013 the story of the NAF Block dice ended.

Posted at the NAF website, Thu May 23, 2013:
„… This is always an exciting time of year as the NAF announces new dice. We are keeping this tradition but sadly, after ten years, Games Workshop has brought this great tradition of new block dice to an end.
We tried many angles with GW, but ultimately the licensing department would not renew our deal meaning that, for 2013, a new colour of blocking dice cannot be issued. We have good relations with GW and hope that with continued communication this may change in the future.
This year we will instead be issuing matching coloured sets of 2D6, plus a D8 and a D16. In the great tradition of the NAF, the new colour and unique design will be announced at the NAF Championship 2013 and attendees renewing their membership can get their new dice. …“

NAF Black Blockdice 2003

NAF Black Blockdice 2003The NAF membership for one year included these black blockdice. First were out at „Spiky Open 2003“. For the about 666 sets at this time about 2000 were made. In the year 2008 at ebay a set of those were sold for £80 !!!

NAF Purple Blockdice 2004

NAF Purple Blockdice 2004 A new NAF membership or renewed subsription from the year 2004 on includes these purple ones. The first ones showed up first time at the BB2004 in Nottingham. BTW… There are two different shades of pink as there were two batches of the dice at different times. The second more rare one got a brighter pink.

NAF Bright Purple Blockdice 2004

btw… I´m still looking for a set of those more rare NAF Block dice. 😉

NAF Blue Blockdice 2005

NAF Blue Blockdice 2005A new NAF membership or renewed subsription from the year 2005 on includes now these blue ones. I got mine at the B7 Tournament July 2005.

NAF Green Blockdice 2006

NAF Green Blockdice 2006 The NAF dice of the year 2006. Those marking were very bad to read especial with low light.
There were also even darker green dice, which are not shown here. Of the 4 dice misprints 3 are in possession of Bart Verstuyft, who is now famous. 🙂 The 4th dice is still missing.

NAF Orange Blockdice 2007

NAF Orange Blockdice 2007 The orange NAF Blockdice arrived 2007. „Lycos“, the NAF president, wrote once, there were 20.000 made! Quite a lot NAF members now!

NAF Yellow Blockdice 2008

NAF Yellow Blockdice 2008 The yellow NAF Blockdice of 2008. I got mine at the B7 Tournament 2008. The blue markings are good to read on the yellow dice

NAF Red Blockdice 2009

NAF Red Blockdice 2009 The red NAF Blockdice of 2009.

NAF Blue Blockdice 2010

NAF Blue Blockdice 2010 The bright blue NAF dice of 2010

NAF Light Green Blockdice 2011

NAF Light Green Blockdice 2011 The light green NAF Blockdice of 2011.

NAF Silver Blockdice 2012

NAF Silver Blockdice 2012 The Silver marbling with Black inscripting NAF dice of 2012. Very bad to read…

NAF Dice pack 2013

This year 2013 was the first year without the tradional NAF Block dice. So new NAF members got this pack of black dice: 2x d6, 1x d8 and 1x d16 dice.

NAF D6 white 2014

NAF D6 white 2014

NAF D6 red 2015

NAF D6 red 2015

NAF D6 yellow 2016

NAF D6 yellow 2016. And i got the information, there is a different version of those yellow NAF dice with printed and not hollowed dots.

NAF D6 2016 misprint

NAF D6 2016 misprint The story behind those „misprinted dice“, which are nether misprinted at all …
Here the info from Torsten aka Tojurub, who was NAF Vice President at that time:
„Wasn’t a missprint on them, but the first yellow ones we got had just printed the dots instead of depressions. The pink were given as compensation from the manufacturer. And the pink ones weren’t enough to admit. So they only went to NAF staff.“
Thx for the pict and the info , Michael aka Twyllenimor! 🙂

NAF D6 Blue 2017

NAF D6 Blue 2017 I got them at the B7 tournament 2017 with the NAF reroll marker.

NAF D6 Darkgreen 2018

NAF D6 Darkgreen 2018 I got them with the NAF Apothecary marker.

NAF D6 Orange 2019

NAF D6 Orange 2019 I got them with the NAF Bribe marker.

NAF D6 Lila 2020

NAF D6 Lila 2020 I got them with the NAF „Argue the Call“ marker.