Dice of other countries

Here some dice of other countries with less tournaments and so less dice.

Fantasy Bowl Winter Cup 2017 - Poland

„So the pitch in the middle of winter, covered with reindeer skulls, crumpled gifts, blood and in some places a dubious patch of yellow snow. And you know what they say about yellow snow..“ A two days winter themed tournament at 25-26 November 2017 at Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw Bulls - 2019 - Poland

Warsaw Bulls block dice, which i got at WC Dornbirn 2019. Designed by worxhop.eu.
Thx, Daniel Piwek, for sending the dice!

Ukraine Charity - 2022 - Poland

A small run produced by Ultradice. 100% of the price going to charity supporting plight of Ukraine after the attack of Russia.
Thx a lot for these very special dice, Wojtek from Ultradice

Ukraine Charity - turquoise - 2022 - Poland

Another different colored batch of the „Charity for Ukrtaine“ dice. Thx a lot for these very special dice, Wojtek from Ultradice.

Ukraine Charity - turquoise - symbol only - 2022 - Poland

I got some more dice of those turquoise dice of the „Charity for Ukrtaine“ dice with just the Ukraine national symbol from Wojtek from Ultradice. He ask me to send them to interested dice collectors with a request to make a donation to the Ukrainian population as price. I send some to England, Scotland and Germany. 🙂

Pomeranian Trolls - Goat Cup - 2022 - Poland

„Pomeranian Trolls … The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. We’re Blood Bowl fanatics from the North of Poland. Our main chapter is located in Tricity.“
These are their dice for the Goat Cup 2022. Thx for the dice, Wojtek from Ultradice. 🙂

Polnish Unkown dice

I guess, these are Polnish dice, but i dont have any info about them. Thx for the dice, Wojtek from Ultradice.

Hong Kong Winter Cup 2018 - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Winter Cup 2018 The very first Hong Kong NAF-sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament at 20th and 21th of January 2018. And my very first Asian dice. 🙂 I took the pict from the internet.

Prague Bowl 2017 - Czech Republic

Prague Bowl 2017 – Spring Open, at Prague,Czech Republic. Thx, Marian, for bringing the dice to me!

Prague Bowl 2018 - Czech Republic

Prague Bowl 2018 – Spring Open, at Prague,Czech Republic, at 10th-11th March of 2018. Thx, Marian, for bringing the dice to me!

Prague Bowl 2021 - Czech Republic

Prague Bowl 2021 A tournament in October 2021 with Covid themed inscription! Thx for the pict,Tomas! 🙂

Wedding dice of Tomáš Viktorin - 2021 - Czech Republic

Personal wedding dice of Tomáš Viktorin. Made by Ultradice for limited number in petrol colour, which was the wedding theme. Given to his friends at his BB bachelor party. Thx for the pict, Tomáš!

Bulgarian Kompot League 2018 - Bulgaria

Bulgarian Kompot League 2018 (Kompot meaning something like a fruit soup served in a bowl), a small league at Sofia, Bulgaria. The league dice logo is designed by ff-fields.com. Thx, Emil, for sending me these dice!

Grand Half-Bowl 2018 - Bulgaria

Grand Half-Bowl 2018 A tournament at Sofia, Bulgaria, June 2018. The roosters logo is designed by John Hanan III. Thx, Emil, for sending me these dice!

Blood Bowl on the Rock - 2017 - Malta

Blood Bowl on the Rock – 2017, a Tournament in Malta.

Impis Team - 2019 - South Africa

The dice of the South African Team “ Impis“ at the WC Dornbirn 2019. Only 102 were produced.
Thx a lot, Neil, for my very first African dice! 🙂

Lithuanian Cup - 2020 - Lithuanian

Lithuanian Cup 2020, a two days tournament in October 2020 at Vilnius, Lithuania.
Thx for the dice, Algirdas!

Malta dice - 2016

The dice of a Maltese coach at the NAFC in Nottingham 2016.