Dice of other countries

Here some dice of other countries with less tournaments and so less dice.

Fantasy Bowl Winter Cup 2017 - Poland

„So the pitch in the middle of winter, covered with reindeer skulls, crumpled gifts, blood and in some places a dubious patch of yellow snow. And you know what they say about yellow snow..“ A two days winter themed tournament at 25-26 November 2017 at Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw Bulls - 2019 - Poland

Warsaw Bulls block dice, which i got at WC Dornbirn 2019. Designed by worxhop.eu.
Thx, Daniel Piwek, for sending the dice!

Hong Kong Winter Cup 2018 - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Winter Cup 2018 The very first Hong Kong NAF-sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament at 20th and 21th of January 2018. And my very first Asian dice. 🙂 I took the pict from the internet.

Prague Bowl 2017 - Czech Republic

Prague Bowl 2017 – Spring Open, at Prague,Czech Republic. Thx, Marian, for bringing the dice to me!

Prague Bowl 2018 - Czech Republic

Prague Bowl 2018 – Spring Open, at Prague,Czech Republic, at 10th-11th March of 2018. Thx, Marian, for bringing the dice to me!

Bulgarian Kompot League 2018 - Bulgaria

Bulgarian Kompot League 2018 (Kompot meaning something like a fruit soup served in a bowl), a small league at Sofia, Bulgaria. The league dice logo is designed by ff-fields.com. Thx, Emil, for sending me these dice!

Grand Half-Bowl 2018 - Bulgaria

Grand Half-Bowl 2018 A tournament at Sofia, Bulgaria, June 2018. The roosters logo is designed by John Hanan III. Thx, Emil, for sending me these dice!

Blood Bowl on the Rock - 2017 - Malta

Blood Bowl on the Rock – 2017, a Tournament in Malta.

Impis Team - 2019 - South Africa

The dice of the South African Team “ Impis“ at the WC Dornbirn 2019. Only 102 were produced.
Thx a lot, Neil, for my very first African dice! 🙂

Lithuanian Cup - 2020 - Lithuanian

Lithuanian Cup 2020, a two days tournament in October 2020 at Vilnius, Lithuania.
Thx for the dice, Algirdas!

Malta dice - 2016

The dice of a Maltese coach at the NAFC in Nottingham 2016.