Games Workshop 7th Edition – Starplayers

Varag Ghoul-Chewer - 7th Edition - Blood Bowl 2020

Griff Oberwald - 7th Edition - Blood Bowl 2020

Zolcath the Zoat - 7th Edition - Blood Bowl 2020

Zoats are an exceptionally rare sight, and to find one on the Blood Bowl pitch is all but unheard of. Zolcath seems to play as much for his own amusement as anything else, he will only allow a team to hire him once they find his hidden lair.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 16 pieces, including a 40mm round base. Zolcath the Zoat is available to play for Lustrian Superleague and Elven Kingdoms League teams. Released 27th of November 2020 and sculpted by ????.

Gretchen Wächter - 7th Edition - Blood Bowl 2020

There are some poor souls who find themselves wedded to a Blood Bowl fan of such boundless enthusiasm that it encroaches into every aspect of daily life. Such was the case with Gretchen Wächter, whose husband was utterly obsessed with Blood Bowl when they were still alive. The Necromancer and aspiring coach Dirk the Abhorrent turned the animosity Gretchen held for the game into a finely-honed weapon and unleashed her scorn against her rival players.

The legendary ‚Blood Bowl Widow‘ is a frighteningly solid Star Player, despite being wholly incorporeal. Gretchen’s set of skills make it hard for your opponents to get their hands on her, robbing their momentum and frustrating even their Big Guys.

This model is supplied in 7 pieces. Sculpted by ??? and released February 2021

Skrull Halfheight - 7th Edition - Blood Bowl 2020

Skrull Halfheight was a Dwarf blessed with a prodigious passing ability. Unfortunately for Skrull, the opposition executed a career-ending tackle on the unfortunate Thrower. He was resurrected by none other than famous Necromancer coach, Tomolandry, eager to try out a long game for his own Champions of Death.
As befitting a player with no flesh and blood, Skrull is cool under pressure and very survivable (so to speak, anyway) – ideal for mixing it up on the Line of Scrimmage and then sending the ball sailing out to a breakaway catcher on the other side.

This resin model is supplied in 7 pieces. Sculpted by ??? and released February 2021